Sometimes we hope for a better day
But we get a bitter one
Today we are poor then tommorow I have all the wealth
My hope was breaking each and everyday
because of the negativity which surrounds my home
I prayed to God to keep my mother
But tomorrow all I can hold were memories
Her soul lingers the place and my faith departed with her
No one to hold and hug me
Touch and kiss my forehead
And say
“Everything will be fine”
I held my tears back
And said everything will be okay

One day
The sun never dawned
My family was never the same
I felt so alone!
It dawned on me that you are becoming a burden to your blood
I felt the nearer end was approaching
Calling my name
Holding my hope
The calabash was far from breaking
Holding on strong was all I was left with
I knew too One Day I will reach for the stars but those were just words

Now It’s the present I never thought words could be so strong
Now I can touch,hold and kiss the stars with my flesh
The deprived souls are now lost of words
So thee shall seek for a better future
Now I know that status does not determine your future
Until that One Day comes stick with your goals.