You watch me as I fall
But still, I stood up tall
The bruises on my face 
Is caused by not letting go of my fists 
The tears from my eyes 
It is all caused by little white lies
I thought you were the one 
But turns out at that moment we were already done 
So don’t call my phone 
I won’t be home 
I leaving my misery with you 
And going to a place with a better view 
I thought you showed me love 
But that wasn’t enough 
To stop the lies, the abuse, the misuse 
You taught me a valuable lesson 
That no one can ever imagine 
“Not everything that glitters is gold” 
I guess you were the fake piece of gold 
That’s what I thought could glitter my life
But you left me broken 
To a point of dolonia 
My process of healing is gonna be a long complex problem 
But I’m thankful for the lessons 
It only proves to me again 
That “Not everything that glitters is gold”