There’s no longer I alone

But you and me,

Which is US.

Regardless of being bold,

I carelessly become weak

When it comes to you,

You’re my weak spot

I’d still choose you, if not you then

It’s our love, which comes naturally,

Where two bonds just clicked

An complete one big fat spark.

Even though sometimes I AM A CRY BABY,


No wonder why do I still find it easy to talk

To you. Blinded by love or what?

That I’ll still be filled with enamour when

Name comes up. I don’t know about tomorrow,

I’d still choose you in my life-time.

Not because of what you can give

But for proving me wrong

And made me believe that I can love once again.

And I love you twice more for that.

Not only that but because there’s no longer

“I” alone but You and I instead…..