I’d be in this dark room
Closed curtain with everything all over the place
My head and physical state relate so much
I believe when they say sadness is just an emotion
But depression is a permanent scar

Its something you suffer from all your life
Most of us are unaware because we find temporary happiness
The happiness that fades away when people walk away
Or when certain doors are closed

Never have I ever believed that junkies once had a normal life
And when life changed they ran to the nearest place
A place where happiness was sold
I mean who wouldn’t purchase it?

Some of us never get to rest
Its one incident after another and we are still holding on
We are holding on to the future we might never see
My inner being is dead
I’m only living because I can’t hurt the few who care

The universe is against me
A wise man once said,”When you speak the universe is listening
And all your wishes manifest as time goes”.
I spoke positivity for years but all I get in return is negativity
Maybe I’m speaking to the wrong universe
Maybe I am The wrong one
I’ll never know

But never have I ever knew that depression really existed
And I’ll be one of the victims
I can’t break free because things keep on being worse
Growing up was one of my biggest wish when I was a child
But Now one of my biggest regret cause there’s no peace