I’m one of the few people who enjoys his space

No matter happy or sad

Never disturb my peace

It’s not like I’m suicidal

Not that I’m having trouble carrying my burdens

Sometimes it gets too much

Most of the time I prefer facing them alone

All because people we trust with our problems are actually the main source

Life has no manual

Appliances do, yet still get damaged!

Who am I to stop people from doing them?

What powers do I have to change them?

All I can do is face reality alone while fantasizing with them

The only best thing is to hide from them

Lock myself in my room and remove the key from the door

That way they’ll know I’m not around

Yes I’m in the house but in my own world

A world of peace!

A world with no problems!

A world that needs no distractions!

A world I built in my mind since earth ain’t for me

A world in which only those who have their own can understand!

A world with no human-judges

A world with no heaven nor hell

Just a world of perfection!