I watched my soul disappear vertically into the ground but I stood
there and looked at it disconsolately
I had reluctantly given in
It all crisis of action
My expedition had totally died
Am I to blame or not

But I stretched as far as I could
moving underground looking for it
It’s real frightening apart
There’s a little misunderstanding occasionally
I discovered it and escaped awfully
They are screaming and saying
I’m half- blinded
with his own blood
What is that
Dead silence approaching me

I hadn’t recognized how speehelessly horrible I’ve become
I try to prevent it,it doesn’t get to a conclusion
Why am I punished like this
Perhaps maybe it’s my doings
but hell no
Im much better than you
I abhor my feelings cause I do feel the pain
Jeopardy it is to my soul
Exhuasted I look in front of my journey
And sadness I look in front of the world
Legendary I wanted to be over faithful
I’ve provided it both
The whisper of my soul crys in the shadow of dark
I can’t believe it
And won’t live knowing that
I pressed the wrong button
Now it’s my soul that is in danger