My roots are hidden deep within: with their own different lightning formation, I am unseen.

My veins are deep in the ground floors, yet my appearances will always be green.

Call me evergreen, the unchanging natural ability of it’s own beauty.

I am nature created to give balance on this earth.

The whirlwinds also knows my name: through my movement unseen.

When they blow thoroughly directly in different directions, it’s the moment that the mind of a man can’t dissolve.

This is a simple prove best believe.

I provide oxygen, do you perceive it? See the blue skies are smiling cheering up the clouds during my visitation!

Isn’t that joy?

Evergreen spills the unchanging seasons, and remain the same by the manner of God’s natural nature.

Just say he is in a form of a preacher.

May nature give birth to peace, so love can begin to walk the land again.

I provide solutions to conclusions.