My path demands me to go

through hell alone.

I’ve been here and there for

so many times, and there

was no sometimes that I

didn’t come back alive.

‘Darkness’ has fled for so many

times, due to my appearances,

the light that I turned into is

something that has never

been seen before.

Don’t be keen to understand,

surrendering to it might be

something from the ancient that

cannot be hidden.

I am bold as a Lion, burning

bridge’s was not my fear to

let go of hindrances.

Many lost chances and tamed

successes through man made


I come with the flame, fear not

the fame of my word’s, this is

the time that the sin had seen,

that my creator is been working

behind the scene.

For my own salvation, rebutting

and rebuking my reputation,

through abomination aroused

by mankind.

Handle my word’s with prime pride,

my reflection reflects from the

great conditions, burying the

temptations and saying:

My path demands me to go

through hell.
As I always come

back alive with a royal diadem!

Crowned by the great unseen,

call me Melchizedek.