Pain is a different kind of emotion.

As much as it destroys, it’s addictive.

Trust me it is, I love pain now.

It turned out to be my lover.

At least the relationship I have with pain lasts.

Unlike with happiness, she’s a cheat.

She plays with me and leaves me hanging.

She’s a lover that checks up on me once in a while.

When she talks, all she lets out are empty promises.

Music to my ears.


Happiness got a smooth tongue, promises me heaven on earth.

And then right there, she leaves, disappears into thin air.

But pain is different, pain is loyal.

She’s a lover I’m willing to keep for years.


When pain promises me hell and misery, she keeps her promises.

When she shoots she never misses.

A sharpshooter she is.

Aiming straight to my heart.


I’ve fallen in love with pain, it seems like the feeling is mutual too.

Pain turns my heart upside down, leaves me yelling and screaming.

She’s been here then, now and she said the day before she’ll be here forever.

I’m willing to keep pain, at least with her I know where I stand.


My faithful lover, she leaves me begging for more of her toxicity.

She never leaves my side but when I choose happiness over her once in a blue moon ,

She stands back and wait for happiness to break me into pieces then i crawl back to her.

And being a loving lover she is , welcomes me with warm hands.

I love pain ,and surprisingly she loves me back.