Sometimes l feel like l love you

Sometimes l feel like l hate you

Sometimes l want you close to me

Sometimes l don even wanna hear your name

Sometimes I feel like you played me

Sometimes l feel like you are

The most beautiful human being on earth

It’s a pity you never got to feel my type of love

It pains me to hear your say

That your feelings for me are no longer there

I’ve been struggling to come to terms with that

I’ve been so down and depressed lately

Thinking about you

I can’t really say us coz we were never a couple

I’ve been struggling to get out of bed

Thinking whether it’s really over

My friends keep on telling me to move on

They say, “When you love someone you let them go.”

Trust me l been tryna let go

But my heart can’t seen to

I know l gotta let you go

I don’t wanna be alone

Since you let it off your chest

I will gladly leave you alone and

Try to live life without you