One day at my school,

They treated me like a clown,

When I was just twelve,

And they were plus two years more

than I was, both of them.

We used to eat

Our breakfasts at school

Provided by the government

Served by our shiny class reps

We were all in the sixth grade

When the bullies pinched

my neck, and snatched my

Cabbage and soup, inside the lunch box

And tears dripped off my face,

Wet was the waning face of mine.

Wisdom evoked to my mind,

And dying off my tearful face,

Advising me to yell not ever again,

For my heart to refrain feeling sore,

And realise it’s part of life.

Although my favorite free meal was gone,

And poor I was as a bird with no wings to fly,

As at home pots were as silent voids,

I took a piece of advice from wisdom,

And shaded my face with hope

That I will grow and be able to stand for myself.