Through the mirror
My reflection reflects as horror
My eyes no more reveal stars
All that shoots out is history of my past
Filled with scar’s
I had a dream that one day we’ll have the same cars
My past is a memory with its own cast
The mirror reveals the cracked me into a thousand pieces
It plays my history like a movie
Tears fill my eyes
My body starts to shiver
That cloud with a silver lining has passed me
Only memories of my past came to haunt me
I am the living ghost in the human world
Where my smile is a mask for the world
Why I cry myself to sleep
My bread n milk is to wheep
The hole in my life is just too deep
The past always gives me the creeps
Your eyes open all this was a bad dream
Almost feels real
Running to the mirror
Thank God that was just a horrific dream
For the last time you scream
A perfect picture in the mirror you see that’s you
Proudly a smile fills up your face
You realise that life is not a race
But an opportunity filled with grace
My broken reflect.