Every DETAIL I know right now it is because of the MUSIC I listen to and words that are uttered. Not just any “Music”

_Look I RESPECT Everyone’s hard work but some MUSIC cannot spark a *plugged* *BRAIN* that could clean your inner self and renew your thoughts not get you *Mugged* in a *TRAIN*

And leaves you with strong heart cuts and head dusts. Music is a natural vaccine it needs no needles or scientific chemicals in order to work but naturally music pierce your emotions and your being to cleanse your spirit. Voluntary the body comprehend music well .I mean the body even dances to the movement of music equipments (By just dusting dirt on a percussion , the sound has already reached the body emotionally) .There’s a strong Bond between the *Spine* and the *Mic* . MUSIC Is the unwritten *Book* ; yes – you can’t have a *Look*