Nancy was a kind and beautiful soul

She left me when I was just 18 years old

My life got so dark, I felt left in the cold

“Nancy! Nancy!”, everyday I called

I went through school hoping to one day make her proud

Said mother to the parents of friends I found

But “Nancy where are you?” that question remained

Tears before sleeping, a heart full of pain

Since that lady left me life was never the same

She’s not in Cape Town or in the Eastern Cape

Not in South Africa or a vacation escape

I close my eyes hoping to remember her face

The smile she had or her body shape

I pray to see her one day in my dreams

But it seems she knows if I do my heart would bleed

She’s not in some place where I can reach by phone

I know she’s in heaven, paradise or so

“Nancy! Nancy!” That’s my Queen

The best mother ever my “Mother Supreme”