I’m craving a great Nigerian movie.
One with a prince hero.
Maybe that character of an actor will save the character of the princess and me too.
My mind.

Ever since he left, I’m expecting everyone to leave.
Not that kind of “he”
The he, the first king my heart got to hold.
Prophet said let him go.
My heart.

So I had a friend.
So we ate phuthu.
And drank liquids of assortment.
So we were fed up with misery.
A plan to depart.
Leave, leave and never look back.
So we planned.
My intentions.

She left and forgot me.
So forgive my “each for himself ” tendencies.
See I learnt to swim from being thrown at the deep end.
Betrayal and disappointment.
I learnt there that the bible was not exaggerating when it said “cursed is the man who trusts in man.”
My soul.
My soul.
Oh my soul.