You were moon’s eye to me
You were my partner in crime
You were the apple of my eye
You were my other half
I used to to love you unconditionally
But now my love is in a critical condition
And there’s no medicine that can heal it except your love
And there’s no doctor that can heal it 
Except you
Did our love just wither 
And went away with the sweet breeze
Of the good old days
And become memories of the good old days
We were so crazily in love
And not even a single mental asylum
Could get rid of the craziness of our love
Our love was blossoming
Like a rose 24/7
I wish I could turn back time
Perhaps these memories of the good old days would’ve kept on growing
You were its sunlight
And I was its water
But yet we failed 
To provide care
Memories never return
But memories live forever.