They say we are a match made in heaven
No, they say that because they don’t know you
The real you
They are blinded by your appearance
If I knew what I was getting into, I would have never fallen for you
I thought you are something I needed
But no, you’re a monster
I say no, it’s enough
Enough is enough
I’m afraid of you
I’m afraid of loving you
I’m afraid of your love
I’m afraid that maybe one day you’re going to kill me
I’m always in your shadow
It’s tiring, I can’t feel your love anymore
It has faded away, you had never loved me
What have I gotten myself into now?
I’m starting to question myself
If I’m right for you?
If I will ever be loved after this?
If I’m lovable?
It’s just a pity you can’t answer these questions
It’s just a pity I can’t answer these questions
I guess you’re going to take my shine forever
But I’m giving you credit for your actions
You do know how to fool someone
It is just your specialty
It’s just one of your ‘I do well kinds of stuff
You fooled me and you succeeded
Maybe it was meant to be