Oh my gosh
I walk through the bright virgin snow
Smell the coffee
Winter’s sleep so close to death
On these cold and frosty Winter’s morning
When the grass crunches beneath my feet
Rose are all covered in white
An image of beauty this Winter night

Oh! Autumn it brings sweater weather
The rose are now growing
To represent the love of us
It give us a cool day
It give us hope

Nothing is so beautiful as spring
When weeds in weed shoot long and lovely and lush
The fruit trees are now growing brightness
To spring a blush upon my face
When love was floating in the air
The rainbow tone of paradise

Oh my gosh
New beginnings of summer
The grass are so green
The sun is so bright
Life seem a dream
No worries in sight
It brings the happiness of my life
I simile like an Angel
It brings a peaceful day