Love intensity
Intense love is an ironic love.
It is a banquet of love before twilight.
This love burns like magma in the core of the heart.
Love intensity is free from turmoil and I came to learn that it is an emotional rollercoaster ride where the heart surrenders.

At the dawn of time without intensity the heart is in coma.
When oxygen seems to run out this love becomes a ventilator.
This love is a mighty craft that helps us navigate in the raging darkness of night.
In this love no one is destroyed by consequences of character flaws.
This love is passionate it doesn’t leave thee scorned nor paralyzed.
We are always willing to pull the trigger for this love.
Sometimes the heart obsesses over intensity because it feels like safe haven.
In my 4 years relationship I came to believe that it is supernatural.
It is not an organ donor market.
Intense love has no rules so we might as well take a ride in a monster truck.
We are always willing to open portals for this love just to escape the annoying sound of an ancient rusty clock (reality).

This love is a lever to a trans world for chanting hearts.
I’m so in love with the feeling of being a repented villian just for love.
We don’t fight for this love with swords but we are willing to go against the mob to seek justice in intensity.
Intensive love shouldn’t make you live under a microscope.
Because in this love we are just convicts of chemistry.
Intensive love is a revelation mirror hence we are willing to take the aisle for it.
This love is a burning train where feint hearts cannot survive in.
In intensive love we are charters of adrenaline.
So when the heart is trapped in a coffin love intensity liberates.
This love makes the heart ecstatic hence we see no fault in it.
We find refugee in it hence I say it is pivotal.
For this love I became a gladiator beast.
Imperfections in intensity could take us to greater altitudes if one is omniscient to one’s mortal heart.
Sometimes it feels like fatal love if we drag our obscurities to the surface of our hearts.
I regard to this love is a rite of passage.
In this love we feel jaded if we constantly sweep dirt in the alley.
Seismic waves may occur but this love will always humble itself to respect the art of time.
This love reveals the inner and polishes the surface of a broken man.
This love is what I regard to as soul surgery.
But if it appears to you as mediocrity just find the compass and wave goodbye.
The gigantic energy circulating in the atmosphere of this love soothes our souls like a grand piano.
This love is not a theatrical performance it is hardcore love hence sometimes we find it hard to swallow it.
Sometimes the back of our minds are flooded by paranoia hence we find ourselves throwing this love down the cliff.

It may find you unprepared but it will definitely reveal the hidden dragon.
Sometimes we swallow bitter pills for this love hence we hate being betrayed.
I once found myself seeking habitat in thin ice like an Eskimo to escape the calamity of toxic intense love.
This love creates memories not depressing stories.
Because of raging love an ocean mayday isn’t daunting for one with swimming skills.
So why not take a dive for this love and let it adorn you.
Intensive love is a compass to an eroded heart.
Sometimes it’s like kissing the devil’s forehead assuming it’s an angel’s crowned heard.
This love came to me as a mystery box and never in a single moon have I been disappointed by my choice.

Love seduction
The streets have turned into a raging war because of seductive love.
We gasp for air in this love because it has it’s knee on our necks.
This love is a dress rehearsal that contradicts interpersonal relations.
It is a thriller in itself but sometimes a horror movie.
It is not mysterious as it may seem for one seeking true love because it a non feelings associat…