Where there is love, there is God.
Love is indeed amazing and so good.
Brings people together as one thing,
Love brings peace and happiness.
Love makes an ordinary day,
To an exceptional one.
It fights fire with water,
Fights hates with unconditional love
Some says love is painful.
Which makes them absolutely wrong.
Love is painful when you love with doubts,
Love is painful when you don’t know its truly meaning.
Love is painful when loving the wrong people
Who knows nothing about it at all.
Love builds bridges where seem no way to pass,
Brings peace where seem there is none,
Introduces all the colours of our nation.
Makes our days more brighter.
Love wipes away all the sadness,
And brings the happiness.
It is good to experience love,
Even to love on the hard moments.
The singing of different birds,
The crowd of sound of other animals,
The brighter the sky,
Surely represents the present of love.