It’s amazing what true love can do.
It can be love from a special someone.
It can be love from your siblings, friends, parents,
Or your family.
Love has the power to heal every broken heart.
Love has a way to make everything feel and look better.
True love can save us.
Love accepts you just the way you are.
Love believes in second and third chances.
Love says, “I’ll forgive you again and again.”
Love says, “You irritate me, but I can’t live without you.”
Everybody deserves to be loved.
I’m so thankful for the love I have.
This love is so true, so pure and kind.
This love just grows bigger and bigger each day.
I’m talking about the love of my Lord.
There’s nothing and no one who can separate me from his love.
In his love, there’s peace, happiness and safety.
The love of the Lord is indescribable.
It’s so sweet!
Oh, I love my Jesus.
Cause he loved me when I couldn’t love myself.
I don’t have to do anything to qualify for his love.
His love is free.