I have loved so many times

But this don’t feel like love

I have found the better me

Because you make feel real

Is this how it suppose to be?

I feel so complete with you

I just wanna know,

what happens when you break my heart

Because right now i feel though as if you

Not the bigger part of me but you are me

Am i crazy? Am i? For thinking we could be

Something so real, for thinking we meant to be

Are my feelings for you blinding my judgement

So much i can’t see we moving too fast…

What if we crash, will i make it? Falling for you

Feels so sweet and innocent but is it too good to be true?

I’d love to take my time to know you but when I’m with you

Nothing matters, your kiss gets me so weak,

so weak that all i desire is for you to make sweet love to me

The sound of your heart beat… Makes me feel whole

Everymoment we share brings us closer to the feeling of never

wanting to be apart, i dont think I’d pull through if we were not

to be, that wouldn’t be the only reason I’m hurt

but because for me loving you was a risk

so if you break my heart

You might as well have killed me but if loving you is gonna be

the cause of my end, so be it because this is the sweetest kiss

of death… Sweet poison, i love you coz ain’t no one like you