The deeper it gets I’m finding it difficult to hold my breath

She was my strength,how come I’m losing her?

Know I’m all alone in this Lonely bed thinking about her,

I’m running out of Words to express the way I feel, I tried ! I tried !

To show her that I still care, I even told her I would always be there for her, I wish I could just dissapear from the surphase of the Earth. What’s life without the Love of your life ?

Can Someone answer my Question!

Can a physiologists answer my question!

What’s life Without the love of your life?

Ok.know I get it and I clearly understand. Maybe I’m not her Love Life , I’m just a just an Ex ,I’m just the opposite of the Present.

This Really tears me Apart.this Really Strungles my Heart.

Life is Really a pain in the Ass.

Just I magine seeing the girl of your love in love with a nother guy,busy flirting , posting pictures of this guy,

Agrrr God grant me peace of Mind. Let me forget about her like she never existed, let she vanish from mind, she is Causing nothing but trouble to My heart.i’m dying of phobios. I’m over thinking a lot- Anxiety on the left side

Killing me slowly and surely, ohwwww my Mind. peace on you. ohhww my Heart healing on you . Don’t be troubled by the things of this world, the love that comes know and dissapear After. Peace on my Mind. Peace on My Soul