Who are mothers,

mothers are brave, tolerant, attractive women.

A mother is like a lavender, beautiful inside and out

Someone who puts her life at a freezing point for her child.

Someone who’s not afraid to cross flames of danger for her child.

Mothers should be appreciated.

A mother provides care just like a gardener does for an adonis flower in the garden of purity.

During overwhelming storms, mothers are always there to act as our inferior shields of protection,


There are many children in this nation,

so don’t only be a mother to your child,

but be a mother to all children of our nation.

Mothers are divine beings with the power to decide our nation’s future

They’re always there to act as heroines when we’re dwelling on the problems of life,

Mothers are strong and rough like a diamond.

They make us feel free like butterflies.

They’re always there to act as our lamps during darker days,

always there in times of need,

always there to say your will is my command.

Whilst being ignorant of our everyday flaws and mistakes,

always going around picking up the pieces of our scattered pain.

Mothers are like the celestial rainbow,

always ready to appear in different forms but continue to be a mother,

Mothers should be appreciated,

As they are the pillar of this rainbow nation.

Live long; mothers live long.