What is life?

Some say it’s a journey,

They say it goes on even if you are without a penny.

But really, what is life?

It has a different meaning for many.

For some, it is a burden, too heavy to carry,

And for some, it is as sweet as candy.

Study, get a job, work hard, start a family

So they say.

Your parents lived the same way.

Worked hard, so that bills they can pay.

You grow up, do the same thing everyday.

And so your children shall continue the dum-dee-dey.

A continuous circle, running a rat race.


It comes but once,

No day will occur twice.

Hence they say live it like it’s your last,

For you don’t know when your bubble will burst.

Continue the fight for a future so bright,

Even though there’s no guarantee things will turn out right.

Live your life, while you still have time.

Do the things that fill you with pride,

Many were born but never got to live.

Either passed away too early or never really understood the drill.

Yes, life can be a bitter pill,

But never invest too much in hangouts and chill,

Do what you can, you know the deal.

No matter how you feel,

Take a step towards the dream.

Life to you, what does it mean?