When it comes the time your bodies grow older,

Will you remember what people say.

I hope it’s things like you were a kind,

Compassionate person who treated others in an excellent way.

I hope they say things about your demeanor.

I hope they say you were a great friend.

I hope they say you were kind and considerate

And your impact will never end.

I hope people say your life mattered

And you loved breathing and living with all your heart.

I hope people remember you forever and ever.

What’s done in love is genuinely God’s work of art.

At the end of the line,

When it’s my time,

And this tale has ended,

My story will live on because I shared

What was deep in the depths of my soul,

A lust for life to love and be loved and lay my soul bare.

I’ll leave a living legacy the way God intended through these magical,

Poetic words from the heart.

If I’ve made a difference in one life or millions,

I did it out of the greatest love within my gift of poetic art.