Life is not full of surprises, life is a surprise itself.
Sometimes you are happy, sometimes you are sad.
Life can be disgusting, messy and disturbing.
In life, you can break down, cry and do so many awful things.
Sometimes we are scared to express our feelings.
Life is a box, waiting for the owner to open it.
Life is a roller coaster even to those who live a life of bling.
Is up to you, whether you take a ride or you do the opposite.
Life is not easy, I know.
Others have opened their gifts and they are not happy at all.
Others are rejoicing.
It may look easy to others, but it ain’t.
They chose to ignore the negatives.
Sometimes life can be a joyful ride.
When you get your first kiss and you think about it the whole night.
Life can be lovely and bright.
Life is a gift, wrapped inside our hearts.
The lovely and sad moments that are meant to last.
Life can be wrong and right.
Life is a surprise, is up to you how you react.
Life is a surprise, it can make others happy and sad.
It can break, build, heal, harm and even hurt.
Life is really a surprise.