I’ve always been criticised
Ostracised and I don’t want to talk about being sexualised.
I love how I leave some mesmerised.
Attention is what I haven’t been denied
And yes it sometimes left me terrified
The better word is petrified
The holy man lied
When he said now that I’ve been baptised
I’m riding the holy tide.
Because society seems to think otherwise
How they nickpick and tear apart his design
Maybe I’m defective
How I’m constantly defensive
Don’t touch me, don’t touch me
I’ll try and eat less
Starve myself to distress
I’ll try look like a worthy mistress
How did I find myself in this immoral mess
Constantly reminded that my body is indecent
I wish my rolls were translucent
And my back a little bit bent
I’m sorry but I hate this body I was lent.
Suicide is calling I can already smell his wreaking scent.
You broke me without being reluctant
Put up the funeral tent
I forgive you I’m pretty sure it wasn’t your intention
I hate how you always put me in a competition
Be like that dress like that
I’m not that.