Life, life, life

Life is something that nobody can explain

It has no expectations….

And nobody can estimate it

You should never expect life to be good everyday

Life has its own expectations

Lot of disappointment

Lot of heartbreaker

Lot of celebrations

And different types of tears

It might be tears of joy

A tear of happiness

A tear of pain

A tear of confusion

A tear

A tear of being beautiful outside but dead inside

A tear of seeing yourself as a failure

But when all those situations

Have arrived just remember God

Your lord, your helper, your redeemer

With those tears just call him

Call him having faith as he says in his word

“Whatever you make request for in prayer, having faith you will get it”

Just believe in him

He is able

Whatever situation you are in

Call upon you god

He will help you fight your situation.

It doesn’t mean having God you won’t experience any problems

You will the thing is that

You will be having a solution to that problem