Dear Life.

I thought that I could take a moment and have a conversation with you but I just remembered that you have no need for tongue.

How can you be so cruel and unfair ?

They’re just infants but the way they suffer, one would swear they’ve created an impossible sin in front of God’s eyes.

Is this some sort of a punishment ?

Are they paying for the mistakes they’ve never done in their life ?

Is it that, they’re paying for their forefathers sins ?

The way you’re so evil-hearted you make sure that a minute never passes by without you torturing them

I have questions I need you to answer

But because you have no tongue and great mind like us human beings I guess my countless questions will never be answered.

How can I even have such hope ?

Because even if you did have a tongue and mind you wouldn’t even attempt to answer me.

For you wouldn’t understand because we speak different languages

I speak pain and you don’t speak pain

We’re just like two creatures who just happened to meet by chance.

nonetheless !

Dear Life, this is my letter to you.

Have mercy !