Dear my child
 I may not seem big and energetic father as you wished 
 And not rich like other daddies 
 And that can’t change the fact that I’m your only father 
 And my blood runs through you 
 I may lack in behaviour
 I may fail as a father 
 But I won’t stop loving you as OUR High up does 
 It’s a father to son 
 A father to his adorable daughter 
 I don’t have money to suffocate you with earthly happiness 
 Nor do I host a grand party on your birthday 
 But I have something precious to provide you 
 I have what it takes to be with you 
 I have wisdom 
 And that wisdom 
 Is knowing and fearing the one in Heaven 
 All things will pass, you will need a pillar one day 
 You won’t have your mother and dad by your side on a certain day 
 Strangers will make your environment certain year 
 You will never lift your voice to call us 
 Because by that time we might be in a cemetery 
 We might be on the bed slowly dying 
 We might be memories 
 But make sure to call the best dad that will always be with you 
 I’m telling you, child, call the man of His words 
 Call the son of Aman 
 Call the saviour 
 Call Jesus
 He will comfort you and direct you to God 
 By the day you will lose your life regardless of the situation beg him to forgive you 
 I might die before you succeed in your dreams 
 But I have hope that if Jesus is with you I will see your worth in the next life 
 Meditate through it 
 Don’t lay a foot in the path of wicked 
 Don’t drink with them 
 For they don’t sleep without doing evil 
 They don’t feel at ease without making sin 
 Be humble and cautious for he is wandering around to devour you alive 
 Be well my child