Once was there lerato.

Her father was a old tough men.

Lerato was loved by three men

Which was Thato, Neo and Karabo .

So one day Lerato’s Father said

“Any men who wants to marry my

daughter must go and find something

that’s not in South Africa”.

So the three men swiped and swiped for

money and after a few months

They had just enough money to go to

America so they went there.

When they arrived they went in different ways

Thato went where they made planes that had boats

Neo met a old blind man that had eye glasses . When you wore those glasses you would see far places.

And so Karabo met a sangoma that had a stone if you would throw it at someone that

person would die and when you throw it again the person will be alive.

They went back home with Thato’s plane.

On the way Neo was bored so he wore the

glasses and saw that Lerato was died.

They huried save Lerato when they arrived

Karabo threw Lerato with the stone and she

woke up.

Which men can marry Lerato??