It’s too late

It’s too late for you to realise your mistakes

My love for you has faded away

You used me for your own benefits

What am I gonna benefit from being used?

From being used by someone I though cared for me

From being used by a person I loved dearly

Have you ever loved me?

Did you ever cared for me?

I’m such a fool

We were supposed to be admirable

I though we were meant to be together

I thought I loved you

But now I know I was blinded by love

I was blinded by your charming face

I have realised the true meaning of fake love

Now I know how it looks like inside and outside

Outside it seems like a beautiful shining star

But inside it’s something horrible

Now you have taught me how to see people who are users

People who don’t care about other people’s feelings

I feel important that now I have gone my separate way from you

Now I know you were a sacrifice I shouldn’t have sacrificed for

You are like a flower drawing in a concrete

I don’t know how you do it

You are like weed drawing to take out the shine of a beautiful flower

That’s exactly what you are doing to me

But I won’t let you