As an African, I am proud of my origins 
I am proud of eating cultural foods 
I am proud to wear traditional clothes which are designed in so many colours. 
Our country is divided by so many languages. 
English, Afrikaans, Sesotho, Setswana, Sepedi, Isindebele, Isiswati, Xitsonga, Isizulu, and Tshivenda, Isixhosa.
In our country, you find so much diversity. 
Our nature is beautiful. 
We have humanity in this country. 
The country of peace and hope.
I like the way we are
When we talk about heritage, we talk about ourselves.
Where do we come from as Africans?
And where are we heading?
An African lady kneels when she talks to the elderly. 
She should wear a long skirt and tie work.
Happy heritage month to all South Africans 
Let us be proud of the way we are
Let us celebrate our origins 
Let’s not forget where we come from
Because our roots is important to us 
We should pass this on to the next generation. 
Celebrating heritage doesn’t mean you should buy meat and make a braai.
What we have to do is to eat cultural food and made traditional beer (umqomboti).
This is our African beer.
Halala September halala