Does it hurt to know that you were never enough?
To know that you have given your all but still got rejected!
I had to give up on my dreams.
Cause no one believed in me.
I had no supporting systems.
I wanted to sing, write and dance so badly,
But I got a lot of “boos” and “no’s”
I lost counting!
And now I’m just sitting here and daydreaming.
Maybe those dreams of mine were only meant to be dreams.
Was it wrong of me to dream?
Was I expecting too much and were my dreams too big and unreachable?
Didn’t I deserve a chance to make my dreams come true?
Didn’t I deserve a chance at happiness?
It hurts knowing that I was never good enough at anything.
But I, I will survive!
I don’t have the strength to try again and fight for my dreams.
But I will live…I ‘ll be happy again!