Today I learnt a lesson of a lifetime

Sometimes I’m very lazy to study

Last weekend I knew that I have a test on Monday

But I went to visit my friends and I sat in front of the TV for hours and hours

I wrote all the answers for the test on a tiny piece of paper. You know I can write tiny letters and a lot of information

I don’t feel good about cheating

Sometimes I write my answers at the back of my ruler

My teacher always tells us that an honest mark of 30% is better than a dishonest mark of 60%

She always tells us that if you cheat “you’re only cheating yourself”

So today I had another exam I wrote all the answers on my small paper

I was nervous and my hands were sweaty and trembling

Suddenly I sneezed and my paper fell from my hand

I saw that tiny piece of paper falling down to my teacher’s foot. I knew that I was going to get a BIG ZERO for the test

And I was caught red-handed and my teacher took me out of the room

And I felt so dizzy

Everyone in the class knows that I am dishonest and that’s not a nice feeling

Is honesty really an important thing?