No one chose their families or parents.

No one chose to be born.

Not even a single person chose to be born into poor families.

It’s never our decision to make.

It’s never our business to mend.

It a little that we can choose,

We can still choose to be the change.


You see those houses made from mud

You know those falling roofs made of dry grass?

I don’t give a damn how do you call them,

I don’t even worry how you see them,

but always know that those houses you’re calling names,

those shacks you’re busy teasing

they’re my home, my safe place

the place I feel comfortable around.


I never chose to be poor.

I never chose to have unemployed parents.

I know others see a poor house with falling walls,

but that’s my home.

that’s the place I know I’ll find love.

God was never mistaken by bringing me there,

He knew that I’ll be the change he wants,

He knew that I’ll change my home situation


That’s why I keep on telling myself that