There is never too much silence.

accustomed to it

When they invite me to join them, l start to feel uncomfortable.

I can seem like I’m made of gold.

I want to get to know you more, so believe me.

But the best thing stopping me is my insecurities.

It’s me.

I’m not under a disguise.

Not outgoing but reserved

I don’t have a disease; I just enjoy being alone myself.

I don’t enjoy socialising, and you’re not to fault if I overthink and overreact over it.

I conceal all of my suffering and depression.

What I exhibit is happiness.

Every time I see you, I smile.

It’s me; I’m not wearing a disguise.

Not outgoing but reserved

I had the stillness of a mouse.

Although some people exaggerate,

I still see myself as an ordinary guy because I am an introvert.

Sometimes it makes me extra-ordinary but not extravagant.