If I ever lose my silent fight against depression,
Just know I tried and I fought really hard!
If I ever reach that point where everything has become too much for me to handle.
And I see no other way out.
And nothing else makes sense anymore.
Just know that I tried to be strong, but I’ve reached breaking point.
I tried to find happiness and peace.
I tried to find other solutions but nothing helped.
I tried to fill my head with positive thoughts.
The harder I tried the harder things became.
If you wake up tomorrow morning and hear that I’m no more,
Don’t blame yourself, don’t question yourself.
But be strong and let me go.
The voices in my head talk louder and louder every day.
My heart is beating faster and faster.
My tears formed a lump in my throat.
It’s not easy to talk about something you yourself can’t explain.
One day everything feels and looks so much better,
And everything makes sense.
Yeah on those days life feels like a song.
But on other days nothing makes sense.
Then life feels like a terrible nightmare.
In a way, it feels like hell on earth.
Yeah on those days it just feels like everything and everyone is against you.
It feels like the world would be a better place without you.
The pain… the pain is too unbearable.
If I ever reach that point in my life.
Just know that I couldn’t take it anymore.
The darkness has overpowered my mind and won.
I lost everything including myself.
If I.