Love,can be a strange thing.
It can make you fall,it can make you stumble
It can make you move,it can make you crumble

Love can unite
Can turn the darkness into light
Love is a battlefield and you have to be ready to fight

Verify and tell what love is
Is it love that reaches to the deepest oceans
Is it love hurting you and giving you painful emotions
You tell me
What is Love.

Well i think love is a personal experience
The way you received love would be your opinion
That why we all see love in a different eye view
Love conquers all now that true
People with hurtful hearts creating pure love
Where will you find them because they are few

Love is war
Reaches deep to your core
Rips out your heart
And feeds the poor
Love is free but falls under a law
We all say we hate love
But we all want more

So what is Love
You haven’t verified to me
You haven’t justified to me
I just want see love from your point of view
Just show me you love me just give me a clue.