It all comes back in the dark, it kills me
The pain, the suffocating, the numbness, it really kills me
In my sorrows, I be drowning
The voices never stop, they’re always talking
Should i do it? Should I not?
Suicide all in my head because I really can’t hold on any longer
I just can’t be here another day
I lay in the dark and start plotting on my suicide
What’s the easiest way to end it?
One cut on the wrist could end all the pain
One cut on the wrist could end all the suffering
I really prefer death because I know that death wouldn’t hurt no more
So what if I just disappear?
What if I say to hell with this life I don’t wanna be here?
What if I take these pills and I don’t wake up from my sleep?
I just don’t care anymore
I’ve been feeling it anyway
Everyday i feel like I’m getting closer to my death
I’ve made peace with it
I think I’m ready
I’m ready to leave everything behind
This world isn’t for me
So I’m ready to leave it all behind
And see what the other world has in store for me