On a hilltop, beauty of 


Like Nivea on my skin,

that neuters. 

Sweet as honey, 

Goof bumps, heart beats like jumps of a bunny. 

With Conversations worth sticking to like a long Hong Kong movie.  

Romance filled my tank, 

Left joy in me,

That feels like there’s a billion in my bank account

Over flowing like River banks on a storm

In different directions,

Got caught up in the middle of my dry land 

Manure in my sand fattened my crops,

Green pastures, paradise in my world. 

Twenty years ago, 

I have been quenching my thirst. 

Water seemed okay, it felt clean

I drank, I survived. 

Complaints I didn’t have, 

Gulps I took, 

And My smile never faded, 

Even that time in spring

When wind blew hard.

Leaving Leaves of the trees, dirt everywhere 

Hope and trust 

Couldn’t disappear, 

Even that time in summer

When heavy rain destroyed our home. 

But I Still operated like chrome. 

Love and loyalty

kept on ruling,

And the home got rebuilt. 


When earthquakes tried shaking, 

But faith was processing. 

Although at times I have been 

Crying nights out to sleep, 

Stressing days in to depression, 

But, patience has been my agglomeration. 


I gave in, 

Chased perfection, 

I waved back, 

And a case carrying billion knifes stabbed my back.

My heart bled But still wanted a refill. 


Even that time when volcano stroke our land, 

I tried escaping, 

Without knowing that I was running straight into it. 

I got burnt, 

But I got parched. 

Hope I still had, 

Pain, has been my weekly schedule, 

But I gave in. 


But Then, you came in the mist, 

Appeared into a blurred picture, 

You gave it bright colours, 

You arrived, and gave it a meaning

Like it could get off the chest I felt my heart beating, 

Each time I look into your eyes. 

But, I complain not, cos I feel it. 

The taste of your love, 

It’s like eating yoghourt with a straw, 

You give me a glow

It’s Like drinking pinacolada cocktail,

Like foxtail it really feels like a Fairytale,

It feels I gratuated love with a PHD.

And If drinking whisky is like the taste of your love, 

I swear to be drunk all my life. 

It feels like eating salmon with a lemon and jalapeño topping 


The breath fresh as a lily rose, 

Giving out Love so pure, So clean

It Feels like drinking a glass of klim, 

As it continues feeling like a dream. 

My only person, perfecting in my world 

I really found love in you

And In my heart there is surely a place for you to stay.

With no Crowd, just you

I found love,

I found love in you