Every day I see hate
every minute I feel it
literally blowing my way
but I don’t blame you at all
I know I’m not your kind
I know I’m not a member
not a member of our own clientele
and that makes me an easy target
all rubbish is written in my name
all the dustbin is in my face
so who am I to blame you?!
cos I’m the dumping site
even myself can hate me too
cos I’m not even attempting to trend
I don’t even meet the requirements
I guess I’m too dull and “insipid”
when people go south I go east  
when my peers go clubbing I go to bed
so I don’t blame you at all
I own the boring tag
so go on, keep hating
I won’t take it personally… NO
I’m so used to it in all sizes
one who gives me ‘love’, surprises me