Death you take no care to boundaries.
You do know knock on anyone’s door,
You come through the roof like a hurricane.
Just like your cousin sickness you wait not for an invitation.
You intrude homes to take without showing mercy.
Your face is known only to those who won’t live another day to tell.
Those that survived you know your scent very well.

Aren’t you tired Mr Death?
Is your bank of souls not filled to your satisfaction?
I plead with you to retreat.
Take your cousin and clear out to another planet.
Go on, depart from our earth!

As you go, leave a note of apology to the young child weeping in her mother’s closet.
Please leave footprints of hope to the woman crying over her husband grave.
Leave a beacon of light to the man in a dim bar drinking his blues away.
Pull out your heart to the parents refusing to leave their child soul within hospital walls.
Bow your head to the hearts that are homeless because of your wrath.
Hear me now dear beast! I command you to go!
Our soils can’t take no more of your victims.
Allow the crushing sound of our prayer defeat you.
Lay down your Armor, you do not need to fight us anymore.