Currently going through the hardest chapter of my life but,I’m gonna keep pushing.
Life isn’t reality till you’re alone in the dark room,when no one home.
You all gonna regret how you all treated me,not not but eventually.
Maybe,I’m not doing the best,but I’m trying to make everyone proud of me.

I don’t unnecessarily get upset cause I’m also scared of my own anger.
You don’t understand depression until you can’t stand your own pressure in an empty room.
You did good Momma, I did bad on my own.
I was there when you needed me,but when I needed peace I couldn’t call you.

Sick of crying,tired of trying yes, I’m smiling but inside I’m dead.
At some point we have to stop forcing things and let people go even if we love them.
Nobody has ever apologised for the things they did to me,they only blamed me for the way I reacted.

Am tired of waiting and Searching for the Sun,
Why should I keep waiting when it’s never gonna Come?
You really wanna know me I’ll tell you the truth,Am a sinner who turned cold from pain in his youth.
I wish I can talk to someone without feeling like I’m annoying them all the time.
I’m not Okay,I’m lost ,I’m drained please calm my mind,Help my heart and take my worries away.