If I can let you my heart
You can see you ripping me apart

What i am telling you
Is to much to be true
But you gone

I just can’t let you go
I just can’t pretend
That you and I were never there
Because it’s hard to forget

Ever since I saw you
Ever since I touched you

You had been on my mind
Wish we can go to our mystery ride
Wish I can give you a ring
But you are stolen by some kids
You will come back you will see that they are not kings

You know I would let a bullet through my brain
Even if they hold me with chain
I would brake free and call you only name

Seriously I would go through all that pain

But you wouldn’t not
You left me in a thundering rain

Even if I was on fire
You would leave me and burn in flames

We had a nice aim
Please tell what changed.