We never surrender
Armies of emotions buildup the walls of fear
General paranoid leading us to make you ‘Witty’.
Well that’s what you think
We forever make you believe us
Convincing and conniving we are
And trustworthy far from us

Crazy and mad are what’s used to describe you
Bad isn’t?
I said bad isn’t?
That’s right
They are lying to you
That don’t care about you
They feed you pills to make you ‘incapable’
You could change it.
I believe you can

Get a blade and lock that room
Lock it!!!.
It’s okay you can trust me
You know you can because I see you for what you deserve.
Smart girl!
Pull your sleeves up and let the razor speak for itself.
Just trust me, I know you can.
Go a little deeper this time, we don’t have much time.
Just do it.
I know you can
You can probably see the peaceful place you going right?, The love you’ll get there? I know I know. Sleep tight a whole new place awaits your arrival.

And that’s how we recruit slaves, you humans are easy to fool. Tell them how ‘invisible’ they are they’ll come running into your arms, stupids!.