I am an African, I embrace my roots,
I come from the Sotho tribe,
I am the great-granddaughter of this soil,
I am a South African, a poet, and also an author,

I am the next generation to uplift South Africa,
I was raised here in South Africa,
I am saying this is my country, this is my home.
One day I will visit a foreign country and so hopefully someone will come up to me and ask me about my lovely county,
I will tell them I’m from a country that is located in the Southern part of the African continent,

That country is known as South Africa,
Ke Afrika Borwa, YiNingizimu Afrika, Afrika Tshipembe, Suid Afrikaans,
I am an African and South African,

In my country we are speaking, re ya bua, reya bolela, siyathetha, siya khuluma,
I am an African, I embrace my roots!