Sinking is what I always feared
My prayers have been heard
I have been down, but I never fall
My battles were tall, but I have conquered them all
I have faced many challenges in this life
I have fought them alone; without a wife
I did not give up so easy
I did not surrender
I am a survivor
I am a fighter
I am so strong
It feels crazy, but I’m not lazy
I have self-confidence and I love its dominance
Winning in life is awesome
Maybe you have to try some
Fight until they call you Thor
You will reap what you have been working for
You’ll receive what you have been waiting for
Don’t let people’s talks overpower you
Many people thought I won’t make it
I am no longer going through hard times
I am enjoying my own flow and rhymes
Call me Ignacius
I am a genius
Giving up is not my option
Fighting is my lotion
Winning is my caption
I am enjoying this Nation
Work hard, you’ll benefit later
Appreciate anyone, don’t become a hater
Today I’m singing joyful songs
I have won in life
I have never used tools; or a knife
I have used my own mind
I’m not different, I’m too kind
I have made it to success
I am enjoying my own happiness
I have made it
This is lit
I am fit