Is it that I am weak?

Is it that I was blindfolded?

Is it that I approached you when I was at my worst?

Is that all I could ever think of was you?

How dare you?

How dare you claim to love

When your agenda was to break

How dare you breathe down my neck

Just so you could spread your venom

How dare you creep into my heart

Only to leave empty vessels

How dare you utter beautiful words that were baseless

How dare you mask yourself with innocence

A devil in disguise

A green snake in green grass

You thought I would die for you

How dare you

How dare you make promises that were only doomed to be my nightmare

How dare you look at me with those deceitful eyes

How dare you touch me with those evil hands

Gone is what we had

Shattered is all that’s in me

Forgiveness I will never give

I despise you…

How dare you do that

How dare you

How dare you

how dare you…